Justin Roiland has been axed from High on Life DLC

Justin Roiland has been axed from High on Life DLC

Justin Roiland has been axed from High on Life DLC

Rick and Morty star Justin Roiland has been axed from the new DLC of his comedic FPS game High on Life following the voice actor’s domestic abuse lawsuit.

Roiland was the main voice actor for the base game of High on Life. The voice actor founded the game’s developer Squanch Games to create comedic video games using his voice talent.

During Summer Games Fest, Squanch Games revealed the first expansion for High on Life, a horror-themed campaign called High on Knife, and Roiland in nowhere to be seen.

In the new DLC, you’ll spend most of your time with the main game’s psychotically violent blade Knifey, voiced by Michael Cusack. While the original game heavily featured Justin Roiland as a talking gun, his character has been axed from the new story, seemingly replaced by a new female gun named Harper, voiced by Sarah Sherman.

Players who delve into the new DLC will meet a new crew of characters in a horrifying, gore-filled new setting, complete with cartoony body horror. One new character, B.A.L.L, is a paintball gun that speaks in high-pitched squeaks and squacks.

Justin Roiland will not be present in any facet of the new game’s DLC, nor any Squanch Games project for the foreseeable future after leaving the company. The voice actor has also been removed from the seminal sci-fi comedy cartoon Rick and Morty and is being replaced for its next season.

Justin Roiland’s domestic assault lawsuit has since been dismissed, but the voice actor’s arrest has already done its damage. Roiland’s charges were dismissed back in March, but the voice actor is still not returning to his prior projects.

High on Life has reportedly gathered 7.5 million gamers across Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The new High on Knife DLC expansion will be a paid experience on console and PC platforms. There is currently no word on a PlayStation 5 port of the game.

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