Company Creates Cybertruck Mini PC After Tesla Gives Up on Gaming

A Tesla Cybertruck-shaped Mini PC with the bumper off and showing ports
Credit: Domenico Lamberti

A Tesla Cybertruck-shaped Mini PC with the bumper off and showing ports
Credit: Domenico Lamberti

The Cybertruck is an undeniably ugly car, despite what anyone might say. Its sharp edges and blocky design conceal potential safety issues, yet many people are still drawn to its high price.

However, if you're a fan of building PCs or enjoy the best gaming Mini PCs, this latest invention might intrigue you. Created by Mini PC and laptop manufacturer Jumper Technology, the Cybertruck Mini takes the unattractive design of Tesla's expensive car and puts it into a Mini PC form factor, making it a marginally better design.

There are few details about the Cybertruck Mini PC, which was shared by Domenico Lamberti on Twitter (via VideoCardz). From the image shared by Lamberti, the headlights work, and it appears that while all four doors can open, one of them functions as a power switch.

Opening the bumper at the back of the Cybertruck Mini reveals a variety of ports, including a power connector, two USB-C ports, a standard USB, and an HDMI port. It also looks like there's a 3.5mm audio jack on the far right of the bumper, but this isn't certain.

There's no information on the internal hardware either. Whether the device uses one of the best Intel CPUs or the best AMD CPUs is unknown. However, the product is likely just a showcase item for Computex and is unlikely to see a full market release. Unless, of course, Tesla wants partner in an attempt to get back into gaming after removing it from upcoming Model X cars.

Even if the product doesn't reach mass production, it's still exciting to see in action. Similar to the Cooler Master Shark X PC that captivated CES visitors earlier this year (which we said was one of the best gadgets at CES 2024), it's great to see PC components fit into a clever design, even if the actual Cybertruck looks hideous. At least this would likely be cheaper, if it ever does release.

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