Joe Rogan puts Elon Musk's Cybertruck through its paces with arrow shot

Joe Rogan holds a broken arrowhead up to the camera, after firing an arrow at a Tesla Cybertruck.
Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

Podcaster and entertainer Joe Rogan has been putting the Tesla Cybertruck to the test in the run-up to its commercial release. In the latest installment of The Joe Rogan Experience, where Elon Musk makes a guest appearance, Rogan fired an arrow at the futuristic truck to test the strength of the vehicle's armored exterior.

Previously, the Tesla Cybertruck made headlines after its unveiling at the Tesla Design Studio on November 21, 2019. During the presentation, Musk began showcasing the vehicle's 'Armour Glass' windows, which promptly smashed when a metal ball was thrown at each of them. The humiliating incident led to widespread amusement and mockery across social media platforms.

This time, the Cybertruck seems to have come out of its trial much better, with only a slight dent being made in the vehicle's door where Rogan's arrow first made contact. Meanwhile, the arrow used by Rogan broke upon impact, with Rogan subsequently displaying the tip of the broken arrow after assessing the damage it caused.

Joe Rogan aims a bow at a Tesla Cybertruck
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Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan's archery stunt comes as Musk is set to make his fourth appearance in five years on the Joe Rogan Experience. In previous appearances, Musk has revealed exclusive information regarding the Cybertruck's development, such as how Tesla had to reduce the vehicle's dimensions to make it road-safe.

However, Musk has also been criticized following his appearances on the show. Most notably, he infamously smoked a marijuana joint in his previous appearance on the podcast, which led to mandatory drug tests being implemented at SpaceX in order for the company to keep its status as a government contractor.

Musk has also previously spoken about the Cybertruck window incident on the Joe Rogan Experience during his third appearance on the podcast in 2021. Thankfully for Musk, he'll not be facing any further Cybertruck controversy following Rogan's test, with the vehicle passing with barely a scratch.

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