JJ Abrams working on a Madame X Worlds of DC series

Star Wars director JJ Abrams is working on a new DC show alongside True Blood writer Angela Robinson. The Worlds of DC TV show will focus on Madame Xanadu, better known as Madame X. 

Madame X first appeared in the late 70s as part of the Dark Justice League universe. It is theorised the Worlds of DC TV show will tie into the Justice League Dark series that Abrams is producing. 

As reported by Digital Spy, the TV series will also reportedly link into the Constantine series that has been announced for HBO Max, which Abrams is also working on.   

Nothing else has been announced about the show yet, we do know that this will be the first time Madame X has been seen in a live-action series. 

Madame X

Madame X is an immortal clairvoyant who often supports other characters in the Justice League universe. She has appeared alongside the Suicide Squad, The Spectre and John Constantine before. 

The Spectre, who realised he could not kill her, decided to blind her instead. Madame X is all-seeing though, possessing the ability to witness all human history. Her willingness to help is born out of her need to atone for putting reality in danger in her hunt for power.

Although Madame X is relatively unknown in the DC universe, she is an interesting character who presents a number of potential stories to tell. 

Justice League & DC Reboot  

The news of a Madame X TV show arrives alongside a number of DC projects in the works, including a forthcoming Suicide Squad film.

Fans will also get a rebooted The Flash film next year, which will act as a reboot of the entire universe, linking numerous characters together. The Flash film will feature two different version of Batman, as Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will star in the film. 

It’s not known of the Madame X TV series and the Suicide Squad film will play into The Flash. However, The Flash did appear in 2016’s Suicide Squad, so who knows?

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