Jeff Bezos retired for a “full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX”, says Elon Musk

It goes without saying that Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos isn't fond of Space X's success. As the Elon Musk space venture gains contracts with NASA, Bezos’ Blue Origin has its boots on the ground. Of course, the Amazon founder isn't pleased.

After failing to grab the NASA 2024 moonwalk, Bezos responded by suing the Space Agency. After hearing of Bezos’ plans to sue NASA, Elon Musk responded in his typical way: Twitter snark.

Elon Musk criticises Jeff Bezos NASA lawsuit

As Jeff Bezos delays SpaceX’s work on the 2024 moonwalk mission, he's also targeting other SpaceX projects. This week, Bezos urged the FCC to block Musk's plans to launch additional Internet satellites for Starlink. To respond, Musk took to Twitter.

In a reply to a news story on the subject, Musk criticised Bezos for spending so much time trying to litigate his way to success. Musk said:

“Turns out Besos [sic] retired in order to pursue a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX…”

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Amazon vs Starlink: Billionaire Bout

Musk's Starlink satellite-powered Internet works via an array of connected satellites. At the time of writing, the novel internet tech is rapidly improving as more satellites are sent up. Of course, this does have a negative effect on the environment, increasing space waste and killing astrologers' views.

Before the Jeff Bezos block, SpaceX was ready to launch 30,000 upgraded satellites. However, as SpaceX now has two satellite configurations for the FCC to approve, Amazon filed a formal complaint.

Mariah Dodson Shuman, corporate counsel for Amazon subsidiary Kuiper Systems, argued:

“SpaceX’s novel approach of applying for two mutually exclusive configurations is at odds with both the Commission’s rules and public policy and we urge the Commission to dismiss this amendment.”
via The Verge

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