Jeff Bezos is space travel's biggest ‘bottleneck’ with lawsuits ‘every 16 days’

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is rapidly losing faith with fans of space travel. In perhaps the richest of rich-man tantrums, Bezos is attempting to suspend NASA's upcoming moon mission as the agency favoured Elon Musk's SpaceX instead of Blue Origin.

SpaceX and owner Elon Musk has not been quiet over Bezos’ constant litigation. Musk states that the Amazon founder is more interested in suing his way to the top instead of improving upon his companies.

Jeff Bezos is space travel’s biggest bottleneck

After Amazon filed an FCC complaint to bar the launch of SpaceX’s next-gen Starlink satellites, SpaceX responded. SpaceX claims that Amazon and Bezos are acting in an anticompetitive manner. The response states that the FCC complaint is just part of the “continuing efforts to slow down competition”.

Amazon allegedly stayed silent with the FCC regarding its own satellite plans for “400 days”. However, “it only took 4 days to object to SpaceX's” planned launch of new Starlink satellites. Furthermore, the company is being accused of repeated legal harassment.

SpaceX claims that Amazon has “lodged objections to SpaceX on average about every 16 days this year”. The company explains that Amazon is simply using “delay tactics... to compensate for Amazon's failures to make progress of its own”. The response ends stating that Jeff Bezos and Amazon are the “biggest bottleneck” for space, not current technology.

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Musk continually mocks the Amazon founder

SpaceX owner Elon Musk has not been shy to publicly criticise Bezos. Earlier this year, Musk claimed that Bezos left Amazon to pursue a career of suing people. Musk said: “If lobbying and lawyers could get u to orbit, Bezos would be on Pluto rn [sic]”.

It’s no secret that SpaceX is NASA’s favourite for its upcoming space missions. However, that favouritism only comes after repeated successful missions, of which Bezos’ Blue Origin is sorely lacking.

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