Jeff Bezos is reportedly investing in immortality research at Silicon Valley

Everyone's worse dream might not come true, but it is being worked on — an Immortal Jeff Bezos. Often compared to DC Comics’ Lex Luthor, the Amazon founder is doing far more than just suing NASA this year. In fact, Bezos has started investing in anti-aging research, likely hoping to live forever.

Jeff Bezos funds immortality research

Reported by Technology Review, Jeff Bezos is allegedly involved in ongoing anti-aging research at Silicon Valley. Helmed by biological reprogramming startup Atlos Labs, the Amazon founder is one of two billionaire investors attached to the project.

Atlos Labs researchers are currently being brought on with “no immediate expectation for products or revenue”. Researchers attached to the project are reportedly awarded $1 dollar “sports-star” salaries.

Manuel Serrano, a soon-to-be Atlos researcher, explained that the anti-aging product isn't the primary focus. They explained: “The aim is to understand rejuvenation. I would say the idea of having revenue in the future is there, but it’s not the immediate goal.”

As far as Bezos goes, this isn't the first time the Amazon founder has chased immortality. Previously, Jeff Bezos invested in another anti-aging startup, Unity Biotechnology. As it stands, Bezos is still aging like the rest of us.

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Reprogramming humans

Atlos’ anti-aging research revolves around the reprogramming of human cells, tricking them into rejuvenating the body. In fact, the research lab has hired 2012 Nobel Prize winner Shinya Yamanaka, the founder of cell reprogramming.

By 2016, reprogramming research reached a terrifying state. A 2016 study saw reprogrammed mice cells sprout large “embryonic tumors”. While there were signs that reprogramming was reverting cells to younger states, the consequences were dire.

Whether or not this immortality research could ever be fully realised is pure speculation. However, even if it could be achieved, should it be?

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