Jeff Bezos orders demolition of iconic bridge so he can sail obscene super yacht

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is not new to flaunting his obscene wealth. After all, the bald billionaire has already flown up to space on humanity's most phallic spaceship, Blue Origin's New Shepard NS-18 rocket.

In fact, Bezos is sitting on so much phat stacks that he left Amazon, attempted to sue NASA and bought an obscenely huge super yacht with a smaller support yacht attached. However, that grossly oversized boat is causing problems.

Jeff Bezos demands demolition of Koningshavenbrug Bridge

French outlet AFP has revealed that the Amazon founder’s yacht will result in the partial demolition of a famous historical landmark. Due to the gluttonous size of Bezos’s in-construction boat, Rotterdam’s Koningshavenbrug Bridge will be destroyed.

Initially built in 1878, the famous bridge was bombed by Nazis in 1940, causing a rebuild. Since then, the bridge has stood as a symbol of the area’s strength. The Bridge was renovated up in 2017, but the local council promised citizens that the Koningshavenbrug would never again be dismantled.

That promise will soon be broken as Bezos’ $485 million yacht is too big to pass through the bridge. Currently in construction at local shipyard Oceano, the three-mast vessel will be too large to enter the sea.

As a result, Bezos has demanded that the “bridge’s central section” be removed to make way fly the yacht. At 130-feet high, there’s no way for the yacht to exit into the ocean without crashing into the historic bridge. (Maybe this should have been thought about prior to construction.)

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A showcase of extreme wealth

Jeff Bezos ordering the construction of a massive mega yacht is already a move that feels straight out of a cartoon. However, having the power to deconstruct an iconic landmark in another country feels bizarrely fictitious, an action that historians will laugh about hundreds of years into the future.

It’s far from surprising. The Amazon founder already hopes to find immortality with his unfathomably massive fortune. If anything, paying for a bridge to be demolished so he can go on holiday is on the tame side.

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