Japanese Smash Bros players confused by Americans hitting the griddy

japanese smash bros. players confused by the griddy
Credit: Nintendo

japanese smash bros. players confused by the griddy
Credit: Nintendo

Japanese Smash Bros. players were surprised to find out about the “griddy” technique that many American players have been “using” in the game. Unfortunately, they later found out it was more an amusing technique than a useful one but the attention this got was interesting.

It all started when Smash player Barb was using the “griddy” as Falco, showing that the Star Fox character was capable of doing it. This unexpectedly led to a number of Japanese Smash fans discovering the technique and trying to find ways to use it competitively.

Soon enough the Japanese Smash Bros. community realized that this didn’t really do much for their characters and it was good for a laugh. Plenty of gamers found it funny how one of this title’s most hardcore communities weren’t aware of the “griddy” but that just shows how different they are.

For those unaware, the “griddy” technique is just moving forward and quickly pressing the guard button. Doing so makes it look like players are activating non-stop parries but that just isn’t the case, since it would be fairly easy to grab your opponent while they griddy. At the least, we can respect hardcore fans for trying to learn new things.

To this day, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains one of the Switch’s best games, especially if there are friends around. Due to the game’s surprisingly competitive nature, fans are always looking for new techniques to use for tournaments and the like. It’s probably why the griddy got so much attention, despite basically being useless.

Currently, there is no new Smash game in development, as Ultimate stopped adding DLC fighters after its second Fighters Pass. However, it’s hard to get angry, as the game added countless requests from the community, including Banjo-Kazooie, King K. Rule, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. We’re still waiting for Waluigi to get added but we wouldn’t be the house on that anytime soon.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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