Japanese man arrested after using AI to un-censor explicit videos

Explicit videos produced or sold in Japan are censored. That's a well-known fact by teenagers and adults alike. But what would happen if someone was to, say, un-censor explicit content? And what would happen if that person was to then sell those images? Well, one Japanese man found out, and it didn't go well.

Reported by Vice, 43-year-old Japanese man Masayuki Nakamoto made a career from uncensoring Japanese media. As it turns out, making uncensored explicit videos and then selling them results in an arrest.

AI used by Japanese man to uncensor Japanese videos

Nakamoto was arrested on charges of copyright violation and displaying obscene images. The Japanese man would download explicit content and use artificial intelligence to remove pixilation from genitalia.

After using AI to uncensor videos, Nakamoto sold them on his website. During a Cyber Patrol, the man was caught. However, at the time of his arrest, the Japanese man had already made over $90,000 from selling the content.

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Nakamoto’s arrest is a first step for AI regulation surrounding explicit content. While not on the same level, artificial intelligence has been used to make pornographic content of unsuspecting women. As of now, that horrendous use of deepfake technology has gone unregulated.

However, the removal of censoring effects is a slightly different, but it should still revolve around consent. While Japanese adult actors have consented to being filmed in explicit circumstances, they participate knowing that certain aspects will be censored. Therefore, uncensoring that content is a violation of the consent. Nevertheless, Nakamoto was not found guilty of invading the privacy of adult actors.

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