You can play DOOM on programmable keychains now

It is possible to play DOOM on programmable keychains - screenshot from Doom and the programmable keychains as earrings

While there are many ways that you can rip and tear on the go, probably not a lot of them are wearable on your ears. We are obviously referring to bringing with you ID Software's classic FPS from 1993, which is now possible on programmable keychains, powered by Raspberry Pi processors.

Recently, programmer Alina Matson shared on Twitter a post where she was wearing two earrings with programmable "Thumby" keychains, made by TinyCircuit. The keychains were running Tetris and which someone happened to comment, "I give it six months before someone runs Doom on this".

Two days later, Alina was back and she was wearing earrings with Doom running on them. In the video accompanying the post, she is even seen playing it, at least somewhat, via the tiny controls. Indeed, not only DOOM is now wearable, it is playable as well, since there is an active coding community behind these two tiny keychains. It is even possible to code your very own games, as TinyCircuit also includes a completely free code editor.

"Anything can run Doom if you believe hard enough", Alina replied to one of the many comments on the post. Perhaps we should update the "will it run Doom" meme to "will it wear Doom".

Indeed, we have seen ID Software's 1993 shooter run on mostly anything. From tamer and almost ordinary devices such as a MacBook touchbar and a printer, to an ugly Teletext port. But there are much weirder things that the classic FPS is running on, such as a Twitter bot that allows you to play it in turns, a pregnancy test, and even Doom running via an arcade machine in GZDoom. Basically, Doom inside itself.

Will we see DOOM wearable earrings come back as part of next year's fashion? Probably not, but since we are veering close to apocalypse any day now, who knows, we might get lucky.

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