Israeli Military is using facial recognition to monitor Palestinian civilians

Israeli military forces are continuing the fascistic rampage against Palestinian civilians. However, in a new development, the foreign army is making its charge more dystopic. To aid the Israelis, facial recognition technology has been introduced to track Palestinians across the country.

Reported by The Washington Post, the Israeli military is actively using facial recognition. Exposed by former Israeli soldiers, the new technology has been dubbed Blue Wolf. This software was purposefully designed to track Palestinians.

Israeli Military introduces Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf is a large-scale database and tracking Palestinians. Israeli soldiers use the software on patrol by taking pictures of suspected Palestinians on their smartphones. When an image is taken, that image is then compared to images stored in the database.

If the software matches an individual to the database, Israeli soldiers are instructed on what to do next. The user’s phone will flash a specific colour to indicate whether the individual should be arrested, detained or left alone.

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How faces are collected

The Post explains that the Israeli military has spent two years building up its database of Palestinian faces. Described as “Facebook for Palestinians” by Israeli forces, the army held competitions between soldiers to see who could collect the most faces.

Additionally, the military has introduced outside surveillance to capture more faces. Widespread CCTV in Hebron is used to scan faces outside with additional cameras looking into homes. In some cases, civilians are monitored inside their own houses nonstop.

Former soldiers told The Post that this form of surveillance is uncomfortable. One soldier said: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they used it in the mall in [my hometown], let’s put it that way. People worry about fingerprinting, but this is that several times over.”

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