Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

Many PC users have had various discussions to see if it is cheaper to buy or build their next gaming PC while considering many factors when having these discussions.

Some crucial pieces of information that PC users need to consider, upgradeability and the labor cost that the seller put into building the PC.

Is it worth buying or building your next PC?

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

When buying or building a gaming PC, a few key technical specifications can decide the price of a PC, the installed CPU, GPU, Motherboard, and Power supply. These technical specifications and the labor cost are usually the main components to buying a gaming PC.

Cheaper Buy Build Gaming PC
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The higher-end components will raise the price of the overall system. Most system integrators (Companies that primarily focus on building a PC using consumer parts) also charge a labor fee. This labor fee can either change depending on your PC's configuration or be a standard flat fee.

An interesting fact is that some system integrators usually offer deals for specific parts, including Intel and NVIDIA; these deals may allow buyers to get a pre-built system for a similar price to building the PC themselves.

Why Buy a PC? When You Can Build One...

Building a PC is a fantastic learning experience, but it is time-consuming. It can potentially have problems further into the PC's lifespan, which will have to be figured out by the builder rather than the manufacturer or the system integrator's technical support team.

The main advantage to buying a PC is the warranty and the technical support, which does come at a cost. Pre-Built PCs often have lower specs compared to the PC price if you were to build it instead.

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