iPad Air and Mini OLED upgrades are still years away

Several iPad Air products in a variety of colours.
Credit: Apple

Several iPad Air products in a variety of colours.
Credit: Apple

After recent speculation that iPad displays could be upgrading to OLED in 2024, it seems likely that other Apple products will be making the switch in the next few years.

Recent analysis from tech researchers Omdia have some fans excited at their findings. Alongside the claims of iPads with LED displays being phased out for OLED-using models in 2024 onwards, their suppliers (Samsung and LG) and potential sizes (11 and 12.9 inches) were also speculated.

Apple may finally launch a new iPad OLED panel in 2024. The planned OLED tablet panel size will be 11 and 12.9 inches and will be supplied by LG Display and Samsung Display. Based on the current survey, Apple is targeting a total of 10 million units of OLED iPad panels for 2024

More interestingly, predictions for the next few years were also made. From 2026 onward, it's claimed that Apple will look to implement OLED technology in their iPad mini and iPad Air products. This will likely involve finding new suppliers for the increased demand, too.

The conclusions made shouldn't come as a huge surprise. OLED displays have been used in Apple's phones since the iPhone X in 2017, and have been used in Apple Watches since they launched in 2015. As technology advances, the tech giant will likely want their products to be constantly improving alongside it. It's a move that Nintendo already made with their OLED model of the Switch.

OLED displays are notable for the benefits they can provide; the main thing setting them apart from standard LCD screens is the technology's efficiency. OLED screens are self-illuminating, which means they're able to take up less space while being more flexible in general. They're also reported to be more responsive, so it's clear why Apple would be keen to use them in more products going forward.

It is worth noting that OLED displays can be expensive, however. Fans of Apple products will be no stranger to their prices, but we'll likely see the prices of the iPad Air and other products increase unless the technology gets much cheaper to produce in the years to come.

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