Invincible finally gets a video game, but you’re not gonna like it

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Invincible finally gets a video game, but you’re not gonna like it — Mark, aka Invincible, grimacing at the camera

Robert Kirkman’s brilliant comic book series Invincible is finally jumping into video games, but the result is far from ideal.

Announced by publisher Skybound and developer Ubisoft, Invincible: Guarding the Globe is the series’ video debut. It’s also a mobile game.

Similar to titles like Marvel Strike Force, the new Invincible mobile game is a character collection title. You’re tasked with collecting your favourite characters and use them to fight in dull, RPG-lite battles.

The game’s description claims that you’ll “collect characters, manage your attack squad, and engage in superpowered, multi-battle action.” We’ve seen it countless times before on mobile; Marvel Strike Force launched five years ago, man.

Ubisoft revealed its new Invincible title with a gorgeous 3D animated trailer that really captured the vibe of the comics and TV show. It was a genuinely exciting peek at the game’s all-new original storyline, only to reveal its mobile origins right at the end.

In the trailer, we see lavish 3D animated models for characters such as Atom Eve, Monster Girl, and, of course, the titular Invincible as they battle foes in the middle of the series’ still-unnamed American city. (Chicago? New York?)

At the end of the day, Invincible: Guarding the Globe will likely be a fun, if not overly predatory and microtransaction filled, addition to the series’ library. However, it is still disappointing that cult-classic series like Invincible only ever manage to get these types of video games.

Then again, even if the series was to receive an actual console/PC game, would it be any good? Would the series actually get the budget and attention it deserves, or would it end up like the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender game: a bit pants.

The new Invincible video game currently doesn’t have a release date, but fans can pre-register for the game right here. Judging by most mobile game releases, the title should only be a few months away.

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