Microsoft’s September Showcase in Tokyo will NOT have Xbox Series X news: When is the next Xbox live stream, and where should we tune in?

The Xbox Series X will NOT be the main focus of the Microsoft presentation at the Tokyo Game Show…

by Rob Leane

In an attempt to recuperate the Xbox hype after E3’s cancellation, Microsoft previously announced a new video series called Xbox 20/20 as part of the Inside Xbox brand. This series would serve fans a monthly morsel of Xbox Series X news in the build-up to the launch of the console.

“Every month will bring something different,” promised Jerret West, the CVP of Games Marketing in a blog post for Xbox Wire. But since then, it’s been hard to map any sort of rhyme or reason onto the timings of Xbox events. The Xbox 20/20 branding has been dropped, and we have not had a show every month.

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Meanwhile, we’ve been chomping at the bit for Xbox Series X news in recent months – we’ve obsessed over the loading times, the Smart Delivery service, the ray-tracing graphics, and every other detail available.

Now, though, it sounds like another Xbox event could be just around the corner. Keep reading to learn more…

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Xbox Showcase heading to Tokyo

GameWatch and GamesRadar previously reported that an Xbox Showcase event has appeared on the schedule for the upcoming Tokyo Games Show.

The event is billed as “Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020”, and it will apparently take place on Thursday 24th September at 3AM PST/6AM ET/11AM BST. That’s 7PM local time in Tokyo.

Xbox has now CONFIRMED that it will have a presence at the Tokyo Game Show, but Microsoft has warned players NOT to expect next-gen news here. You can see the proof in the Tweet below…

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When was the last Xbox Games Showcase?

The first Xbox 20/20 video was broadcast at 8 a.m. PDT on May 7th 2020. And the latest Xbox event, known as the Xbox Games Showcase, took place on Thursday 23 July at 9 AM PT/5 PM BST.

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How to watch the Xbox Showcase

You can tune in to Inside Xbox and Xbox Games Showcase on the official Xbox Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts. Click any of those links to make sure you follow Xbox on your platform of choice!

The previous event was streamed at 1080p/60fps, and is now available to watch in a VOD at 4K/60fps here:

What did we see at the last Xbox Games Showcase?

After the previous Xbox event focused on third-party titles, the latest Games Showcase was dedicated to first-party games.

We saw a first look at the Halo Infinite campaign, including gameplay, and learned more about Hellblade II, The Medium, Everwild and Crossfire

Xbox also announced some huge new titles including a new Fable game, Avowed, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, and Tell Us Why.

You can see our full breakdown of the Xbox Games Showcase here.

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What will we see in the next Xbox Showcase?

The Xbox Showcase on 24th September will NOT contain next-gen news. Instead, Xbox has said that it will hit thesee key topics in the show…

  • Celebrating Japanese game creators & games
  • Updates coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC
  • Japanese Minecraft community creativity
  • Showcase broadcast in Japanese only

Xbox Series X pre-orders are open now

You could argue that we don’t really need an Xbox show right now, because things have actually been happening beyond just hype and chat: that is to say, who needs a live-stream when Microsoft has bought Bethesda and Xbox Series X pre-orders began on 22nd September 2020.

Right now, we are seeing live product pages on Argos for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles – you can click either of those links to see them!

There is also a live product page for the Xbox Series X on Amazon – you can click here to check it out. And you’ll find Amazon’s Xbox Series S product page, which still has stock at the time of writing, by clicking right here.

You could also check out the pre-order listing on the official Microsoft Store in the US here, or here if you’re in the UK.

BUY NOW: Xbox Series X product page is live on Amazon

Rob Leane