Infinity Blade PC does what Epic Games refuses to do

infinity blade pc port thanks to fans
Credit: Epic Games

infinity blade pc port thanks to fans
Credit: Epic Games

Infinity Blade is one of the most beloved mobile games ever made and now PC fans will finally be able to play it again. Years after the game was de-listed from mobile devices, fans were able to make their port of this classic because Epic Games wouldn’t.

As reported by eSports GG, a handful of fans who choose to remain anonymous were able to bring this mobile game to PC. A lot of these assets might have come from Epic themselves, as the game’s source codes were supposedly leaked in 2014 (thanks Reddit). While the leak was unfortunate, the fact that it led to this game being preserved was kind of a good thing.

This isn’t just a basic version of Infinity Blade either, as the PC version also has improved lighting and improved textures. Considering how this was already a great-looking mobile game, the PC port makes a good-looking game gorgeous, even on PC, showing how timeless it truly was.

One of the only downsides of this port is that players won’t get that satisfaction of swiping slashes with their fingers. Now that the game uses keyboard controls, it’s a lot easier now and is missing a bit of that challenge. Even with all of that, we’re still glad that the game can be played and preserved after many assumed it was gone forever.

While Epic Games is more known for Fortnite now, Infinity Blade was a premiere IP for them at one point and older fans miss those days. To this day, many like to say that the Infinity Blade duology are some of the best mobile titles ever created and it’s hard to argue with that. Various imitators have since popped up to try and take its spot but there’s only one Infinity Blade, at least in our eyes.

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Fans should be able to find the PC port of Infinity Blade if they are internet-savvy enough. It might not scratch that classic mobile game feeling but we’re glad this game has another chance at life.

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