MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game will feature lots of Nazi killing

machinegames indiana jones game has lots of nazi killing
Credit: Disney

machinegames indiana jones game has lots of nazi killing
Credit: Disney

There’s still a lot of questions surrounding the upcoming Xbox exclusive Indiana Jones game from Bethesda. While we still don’t know how the game will play, rest assured, Indy will still be a nazi-killing machine and that’s all fans can ask for.

During an interview with GQ Magazine UK, Bethesda’s own Todd Howard revealed some minor details about this anticipated licensed title. Although Howard didn’t divulge much on the gameplay front, the Bethesda boss made sure to mention that the Nazi killing will be good.

"They've got the whole Nazi killing thing down," Howard says, "and they're doing a really great job."

MachineGames is working on the still unnamed Indiana Jones Xbox exclusive, which means the game should be in good hands. After doing great work with the Wolfenstein reboot, there’s no other company fans should trust more when it comes to killing Nazis.

Both Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus did a remarkable job at portraying the Nazis as fascist and imperialistic scum. Naturally, players are tasked with killing a good number of them with really fun weapons. Hopefully, MachineGames is able to make Indy’s whip and pistol combo a fun way to kill these enemies.

At the time of writing, there still aren’t a lot of details surrounding the Indiana Jones Xbox game. Rumours claim that the licensed title will switch between first and third-person modes, to spice up the gameplay.

Jens Andersson of the acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick games has joined the title’s development, which is only a good thing. The Chronicles of Riddick games are underrated first-person shooters that managed to make melee combat feel satisfying. If switching perspectives does make it to the finished product, meaty melee fights should make Indie standout from the crowd.

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No release date for the Xbox exclusive Indiana Jones game has been announced, at the time of writing.

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