Indian government tells the public to boycott Elon Musk's Starlink internet

Elon Musk's Starlink could be a revolutionary piece of tech in internet-less areas of the world. The satellite internet tech is starting to bring high speed Internet to areas around the world, sometimes beating out average terrestrial connections. However, the Indian government is turning against the company.

Reported by Engadget , Indian officials are fighting against Starlink's expansion in the area. Starlink has yet to start operating in the territory. However, the company has registered as a business and is taking pre-orders for internet service. There's just one issue: Starlink doesn't have the necessary licences to operate.

The Indian government has ordered the company to halt its pre-order period. Starlink isn't listening. Despite multiple complaints from the government, Indian pre-orders are still active for Musk's internet company.

In response, the government is asking the public to boycott the service. Details are vague, but government officials are said to be warding “would-be customers” away from Starlink. Of course, pre-orders are still rolling in.

The Musk-owned company is currently aiming for “200,000 connections” by the end of 2022. In the short pre-order period, 5,000 first wave customers have already signed up to try out the service. In a country as vast as India, a satellite internet service should be insanely popular.

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What's next for Starlink?

SpaceX owner Elon Musk hasn't really revealed many of Starlink's plans for the future. Instead, the general plan is a vague intent to continue expanding and improving the current technology into a global network.

This plan will be realised by releasing a new wave of satellites into orbit as well as massively increasing the number of Starlink satellites in orbit. If all goes to plan, Starlink internet should be available in most areas with decent speeds.

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