Ike Perlmutter desperately tried to fire MCU boss Kevin Feige

An image of Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige

An image of Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige

Ex-Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter reportedly attempted to oust MCU architect Kevin Feige from the company in 2015.

Since his acquisition of Marvel in 1998, Perlmutter was behind a number of great and awful decisions at the company. The ex-CEO was behind the Marvel sale to Disney as well as forcing the phasing out of all X-Men and Fantastic Four content in the comics industry.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Perlmutter’s actions at Marvel have rubbed Disney executives the wrong way ever since their merger. The CEO’s internal feud against MCU boss Kevin Feige led Disney CEO Bob Iger to take Marvel Studios away from Perlmutter’s influence.

Iger revealed that Perlmutter was dead set on firing Feige around 2015. Feige, who has been in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning, was protected by Iger in order to keep the movie franchise going smoothly.

“In 2015 he was intent on firing Kevin Feige, who was running Marvel’s studio“ Iger said. “I thought that was a mistake and stepped in to prevent that from happening.”

Perlmutter’s feud against the Marvel Studios boss led to the splintering of MCU TV shows during the 2010s. Alongside the Netflix Marvel series — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist — the CEO split numerous shows across a multitude of streaming services and channels.

As of yesterday, Ike Perlmutter no longer works at Marvel Entertainment. The decades-long Marvel CEO was laid off by Disney as part of its ongoing cost-cutting operations, reducing over 7,000 jobs.

Perlmutter’s firing was celebrated by MCU fans. Not only were fans in-the-know about the CEO’s actions against the MCU, but also numerous controversies surrounding the billionaire. For example, the ex-CEO has been criticised for a history of bigotry as well as a multitude of legal issues.

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