Hyperkin teases return of Guitar Hero accessories to fill your house with tat

Guitar Hero band members shredding on stage to sick tunes

Guitar Hero band members shredding on stage to sick tunes

After years of absence, Activision’s once house-devouring Guitar Hero brand is seemingly coming back. Alongside the revival of Activion’s long dormant guitar-playing arcade series, controller manufacturer Hyperkin is looking to capitalize on the return with a host of new peripherals.

Following teases that Guitar Hero would crawl out of its grave once more, gaming peripherals company Hyperkin teased that it may be coming along for the ride.

In one tweet mentioning the series’ alleged return, Hyperkin simply responded with an emoji of a pair of eyes. However, the company has since expanded on its initial tease with some questions for the community.

After its initial tease, Hyperkin retweeted another user asking: “what do you want to see in a new guitar hero game?” Following that, the company put out a poll asking if fans would like new instruments for Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Clone Hero, a free PC adaptation of the Guitar Hero formula.

Hyperkin has recently delved into recreating classic video game peripherals and controllers. This means that a new Hyperkin Guitar Hero controller might be on the way even if Activision doesn’t revive the video game series.

In recent years, Hyperkin managed to revive both the original Xbox Duke controller as well as the iconic Xbox 360 pad. Both of these releases have been endlessly praised by fans of the Xbox brand, despite the Duke controller having some major stick drift issues. (For more Xbox accessories, check out our EON Gaming XBHD review right here.)

Hyperkin has also made controllers for myriad retro consoles with its most successful being the wireless Admiral controller for the Nintendo 64. If any company was going to bring back the Guitar Hero controller for modern systems, it’s likely going to be Hyperkin.

At the time of writing, a new Guitar Hero game for any console has yet to be revealed. While Xbox is currently in the process of acquiring Activision, a new Guitar Hero complete with a massive controller would likely need to be a cross platform release to be profitable.

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