Hugh Jackman teases potential Wolverine return on Instagram

Hugh Jackman, better known as Wolverine for the best part of a decade and then some, has been teasing a potential return for the beloved character. While there isn’t anything concrete to back up the plans, Jackman seems to have done enough to get fans excited at the prospect. 

Jackman last appeared as Wolverine in 2017’s Logan. The film was released to critical praise and the National Board Review selected it as one of the top ten films of that year. Unfortunately, Jackman decided Logan would be his last film as he worried fans would tire of seeing him in so many films. 

Fast forward four years and the super hero landscape is vastly different, with Marvel and DC releasing numerous properties on an annual basis. Disney’s MCU is a behemoth that spans movie screen, TV screens and streaming platforms, so a Wolverine return would likely make a lot of sense.

However, it’s always worth taking such teases with a grain of salt. There’s plenty of reasons for Jackman not to take up the mantle of Wolverine again. Having said that, here’s why fans are getting excited. 

It started with fan-art

Fans were initially excited when Jackman shared a piece of fan art on his story. The fan art showed Wolverine’s adamantium claws. This led fans to speculate over a potential return of the actor. If that wasn’t enough, Jackman also shared an image of himself and Kevin Feige, who is the current president of Marvel Studios. 

Either post shared alone would have likely been quite innocuous, but posting both within a short space of time sure does feel like a potential hint. There were rumours earlier this year that speculated Jackman was considering a MCU multiverse return. 

There’s plenty of opportunity 

Everything is building up again in the MCU, with numerous threads going on right now. One of the biggest shared threads seems to be the multiverse, which Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will explore. Spider-Man: No Way Home will also reportedly involve the multiverse, and could bring back both past villains and other Spider-Men.

With so much going on, it’s not impossible to picture Wolverine returning as part of the multiverse shenanigans. Where he might return though would be the trickier answer as there’s a lot going on right now. 

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