Huge SEGA announcement confirmed: SEGA reveals Fog Gaming and the Game Gear Micro on the same day, but those Xbox Series X rumours were false

Over the Twitter airwaves, you might've heard that Famitsu magazine had some big SEGA news in its next issue. And now we know what it was: SEGA has announced a new project called Fog Gaming, and the Japanese gaming giant also revealed the Game Gear Micro on the same day.

Rumour merchants previously predicted that the big news was going to be a Microsoft and SEGA partnership, with the two companies rumoured to be releasing a ‘SEGA Series X’ special edition console in Japan only. The idea of Microsoft leveraging the SEGA brand to help push the Xbox Series X in Japan had a nice ring to it, but it turned out to be a totally false rumour.

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However, with both Fog Gaming and the Game Gear Micro announced on the same day, it has still been a big week for SEGA news!

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Where did these big SEGA rumours come form?

Ever since the demise of the SEGA Dreamcast, people have been wanting to see a return of SEGA in the console-category. SEGA's IP and nostalgia almost rivals what Nintendo has with its properties.

So when, last week, a journalist said that some ‘huge’ news was coming from SEGA, to rival Sony’s unveiling of the PS5 hardware, suddenly rumours went into overdrive.

As stated, there were rumours about a SEGA and Microsoft partnership, which mainly stems from their work together on the Dreamcast with the ‘Windows CE’ operating system, and subsequently their deal that had SEGA franchises on the first Xbox system, such as Jet Set Radio Future, Crazy Taxi 3 and lots more. But now, that particular theory has been quashed.

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So, what is the huge SEGA news?

The Famitsu column turned out to be the reveal of Fog Gaming, a project SEGA is working on to connect physical arcades in Japan to the cloud. This would allow gamers to access arcades around the clock, and help drive more revenue to the arcades themselves.

On the same day, SEGA also revealed the Game Gear Micro, a mini version of the classic SEGA Game Gear handheld console. There's no big partnership with Microsoft, then, but SEGA is still making waves with some big new ideas!

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