How to use Steam Remote Play Together

Players on Steam have the ability to stream multiplayer games to friends through the Remote Play Together feature. With couch co-op being difficult to experience in recent times, this is a great way of playing local multiplayer with friends that are far away.

It's worth stating that this feature does heavily rely on your network connection to work well. Those with shoddy internet connections will struggle to have a satisfying Remote Play session. 

Here’s how to use the Steam Remote Play feature.

How to use Steam Remote Play 

To get started, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your Steam client on your PC.
  1. Ask your friends to log into their Steam accounts on PC or use Steam Link to ready up for the session. 
  2. Launch the game you wish to share with your friends. 
  3. Access your Steam Overlay 
  4. Choose your Friends and right click them to share your game through the Remote Play Together button 
  5. Ask your friend to accept the invite and you can now play together on that Steam game. 

If the PC is connected to the Internet and your friends are online, Steam will show a Remote Play prompt as well. This will give them the opportunity to join without needing an invite. Alternatively, using the Steam Link app allows non-Steam users to play co-op games without signing up for an account.

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Even though Steam Remote Play Together is a neat feature, it does have some issues. Some games don't support for the feature even though they have local multiplayer capabilities. 

Additionally, lagging on Steam Remote Play only affects friends who're connected to your game. The host will not experience any problems but the connected players would often suffer lag, stutters and video compression.  

Overall, Steam’s Remote Play feature works but is not yet perfect. However, if its your only way of experiencing multiplayer games with your friends – especially with the world as it is now – this is a great option.

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