How to download Stadia Screenshots

Taking pictures in Google Stadia is entirely possible through its screenshot feature. The best moments during gameplay can be captured with just a single press of a button. 

Moreover, Stadia also supports recording gameplay, so if you want that last match captured in all its glory on Stadia, it can definitely be done.

However, downloading these screenshots and captures is only possible through one method, especially because of the imported photos and videos coming in a specific format. 

Here’s how you can download screenshots and captures from Google Stadia. 

Download From The Site 

To start downloading screenshots and captures from Google Stadia, open up Stadia's site and log into your account. The feature to get screenshots and captures seems to only be available on the browser version of Stadia. 

Once inside, scroll down on the Home screen to find the “Captures & Game States” option. Pressing this will open up the account’s library of screenshots and captures.

Once pressed, the Download button will appear on the upper right of the screen. Make sure to have a saved location with plenty of space to store these captures.


As with many apps, Stadia’s capture features also have flaws. The quality of the screenshots will be affected by the device it was taken on. 

For example, screenshots and footage taken from the mobile version of Stadia can have a different quality once viewed on the PC version. 4K resolution videos can also look different if the device doesn’t have 4K support. 

Whenever possible, take screenshots and record footages on the best hardware available. This would assure that the screenshots is at its best quality and avoid any hiccups in the videos recorded in. 

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