Rumoured Horizon Zero Dawn remake might not be made by Guerrilla Games

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horizon zero dawn remake not made by guerrilla games aloy looks to the distance as monsters roam the world
Credit: Guerrilla Games

Rumour has it that Sony is planning a Horizon Zero Dawn remake for PS5 and it might not be developed by Guerrilla Games. This is a fairly strange rumor since Guerrilla created the series and is still working on DLC for the sequel as we speak.

If true, this is a strange remake to bring to PS5 since the original PS4 version already got an upgrade. Granted, we did get a remake of The Last of Us Part 1, despite a fully functional PS4 version people had no problems with.

Only time will tell if an actual Horizon Zero Dawn remake is coming to Sony’s current-gen system. We wouldn’t be too surprised about the move, since it’s easy money, though we wish Sony would remake one of their other properties instead.

Gaming insider Colin Moriarty claims that a Horizon Zero Dawn remake is being made on his Sacred Symbols podcast (via The Game Spoof). Moriarty then brings up how he assumes that Guerrilla Games will develop it but claims that this might not be the case if the remake is real.

“We’re also assuming that [Guerrilla] is making the Horizon remake thing there, although, if that’s real, what I’ve heard is that it’s at another team,” says Moriarty.

Considering all the Horizon content coming from Guerrilla, including the Burning Shores expansion for Horizon 2 and the VR game, this is an odd move, if true. Maybe the development team is busy but we’d like to think a remake would need their stamp of approval.

It’s worth pointing out that Sony did purchase Bluepoint Games, a studio that has made some excellent remakes and remasters for PlayStation Studios. Fans will recognize their work from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Shadow of the Colossus (2018), and Demon’s Souls (2020).


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Until it’s confirmed, Sony and Guerrilla haven’t shared any news about a possible Horizon Zero Dawn remake. Fans of the first game can actually play an upgraded version with their PS4 copy, which includes a framerate boost and better visuals.

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