Honda enters the VR race with the XR Mobility

honda xr mobility determined to make vr more mobile
Credit: Honda/Top Gear

honda xr mobility determined to make vr more mobile
Credit: Honda/Top Gear


  • Honda unveils the XR Mobility, a moving VR device made for virtual racing
  • This VR device uses standard VR tech mixed with Honda's Uni-One device
  • Honda hopes to make courses with this VR device in mind so players can race with each other

Honda is throwing its hat in the VR race with a literal VR racing device that will open some eyes. XR Mobility combines the company’s Uni-One mobility device with VR gaming, all of which will be racing-based to give players a unique way to move around.

As revealed by Top Gear, the XR Mobility is a unique VR device, in that players will have to be in a small vehicle to actually use it. Unlike most VR devices, this isn’t something that you will control with your hands, but with your shifting weight, to ensure those sharp turns we suppose.

The company has said this vehicle that’s being paired with a VR headset is an iteration of Honda’s Uni-Cub that came out in 2013. Ensuring your safety, this small vehicle will have self-balancing sensor tech built into it for stability. Honda’s Uni-One also has a max speed of 3.7mph, which isn’t too bad, but gamers should make sure to use this in open areas.

Based on the report, it seems that Honda has plans to use the XR Mobility for “obstacle-free courses” in malls or theme parks. If the device gains popularity, the plan will be to make various races where players can use the XR Mobility and compete with each other.

“With the Honda XR Mobility Experience, we are expanding the joy and freedom of personal mobility into entertainment applications,” said Honda's Hirokazu Hara. “By combining the unique, physical experience of riding the Honda Uni-One with a highly immersive digital entertainment, Honda is creating a brand new multimodal experience that takes extended reality technologies to the next level.”

VR is already a niche market for tech nerds and Honda’s entry into it is even more obscure than something like the Apple Vision Pro or Quest 3. However, this is still a unique device that could have a place for younger gamers who want to feel like racing around.

No release date for the Honda XR Mobility has been announced, though we expect news on this soon.

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