Homeworld 3 devs outline all major changes coming from demo feedback

homeworld 3 major changes demo feedback
Credit: Blackbird Interactive

homeworld 3 major changes demo feedback
Credit: Blackbird Interactive


  • Homeworld 3 has announced all the major changes coming after the game's latest delay
  • Improved controls, better combat, and more are coming, thanks to demo feedback
  • This should be the game's last demo, unless something else happens

After delaying the release of Homeworld 3 after fan feedback, the devs at Blackbird Interactive have detailed how they will be fixing the game. While the delay disappointed many, listening to people who played the demo and improving on their complaints can only lead to good things.

The devs released a community post on Steam, showing how they plan on fixing this strategy space sim for everyone involved. Fixes range from improved controls, more hostile enemies, better combat, and so much more. If everything goes as planned, delaying the space sim may have been for the best.

Everything listed thus far is only a sample of what’s going to get fixed in Homeworld 3, as the devs are working on even more ways to make everything better. However, the community post is meant to point out all the criticisms from the recent demo, so fans who didn’t like what they played should feel satisfied.

While delaying a game to improve on criticism is a good thing, this is the fourth time this particular sequel has been pushed back. Despite the reasons, this has dampened the excitement for some gamers who were hoping to get it soon. Still, delays are better than rushed games, so all we can do is hope that this isn’t rushed to release.

Big things have been happening behind the scenes, aside from the delay, as publisher Gearbox Software was recently sold to Take-Two Interactive. Gearbox are mostly known for their work on the Borderlands games, but they are publishing the current line of Homeworld strategy titles. We doubt any major changes will be made when the game comes out this May, though Take-Two might appear in the credits sooner than we think.

Homeworld 3 is the continuation of this classic strategy space sim and is scheduled for release on May 7 for PC. Fans can also pick up remastered versions of the first two Homeworld games on Steam and Epic Games.

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