Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator is the ultimate guilt trip for unsure gamers

hogwarts legacy purchase simulator is the ultimate guilt trip for unsure gamers
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator is here to make players feel guilty for purchasing the controversial game. Despite numerous attempts to boycott the game, the Harry Potter RPG is already a huge success.

According to Dexerto, the game seems to be a chatting simulator that has players decide if they should the Harry Potter title. The more copies of the game they buy, the more anti-trans hate grows. Silly? Sure but it's also very relevant.

It starts with Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav asking the player to buy the game since the developers worked so hard. That was a common excuse for many, which is somewhat hilarious since this means having to purchase every game ever to “support developers.”

Should players continue playing the game, their supposed friends convince them to buy Hogwarts Legacy because influencers like Asmongold claim that “snowflakes are trying to cancel it.” This shows just how much support the game received from influencers, with Girlfriend Reviews infamously getting “bullied” by their chat for playing the RPG.

Naturally, players can then decide to purchase the game. Once they purchase enough copies, J.K. Rowling herself will thank you for “defending sex-based rights.” Hilariously, she will claim that you’re silencing women if you don’t buy the game, which has been her default excuse for her actions.

If these descriptions aren’t making anything clear, Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator is the ultimate guilt trip. This implies that anyone who purchased the game doesn’t care about trans rights. Even if players just want to have a good time with their Hogwarts OC, their money still goes to Rowling, who will continue with her controversial politics.

Unfortunately, players curious enough to try the game will be sad to know that it’s been taken offline. No reason was given as to why, though we’re sure fans can deduce how this happened.

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Players willing to support J.K. Rowling can purchase Hogwarts Legacy right now on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The game will likely more money when its last-gen versions come out sometime this year.

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