Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod allows 10 students to explore the Wizarding World

hogwarts legacy multiplayer mod
Credit: Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy multiplayer mod
Credit: Warner Bros.

A fan-made Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod has made running around the wizarding school with friends somewhat possible. Since multiplayer doesn’t seem to be in the official game’s future, mods like this let friends live out their OC dreams with like-minded companions.

The Together Team whipped up a multiplayer mod for the Harry Potter RPG, letting up to 10 players run around the school. Currently called Hogwarp, we get to see 10 students interact with each other, even using levitation spells for the sake of fun.

Because this Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is still a work in progress, we don’t see this group of friends battle enemies together. At the time of writing, virtual witches and wizards can only hang out, but considering the team's prior experience on Skyrim Together, quests and battles could come in the future.

Official multiplayer support doesn’t seem likely for the future of this game. Initially designed as a wholly single-player experience, an official co-op mode wouldn't really gel with the game's narrative. That's not a bad thing; we’ll take this over attempts at simultaneous single-player/multiplayer from games like the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Hogwarts Legacy continues to be a huge success, selling a staggering amount of copies on current-gen systems, which is an impressive feat. The game was able to bring back interest in Harry Potter after the Fantastic Beasts movies proved to be detrimental. Warner Bros. is quite aware of this, with plans to expand into a franchise that might include an HBO Max series.

Sadly, for every good thing that the game does, J.K. Rowling continues to be a dark cloud that can’t let it shine too brightly. Most people already know why the author isn’t very popular right now and this game’s success hurts the trans community is disappointing.

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Fans can pick up Hogwarts Legacy right now on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. They can also pick it up much later, either through a deep discount or a second-hand seller.

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