Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod let’s you explore the Wizarding World together

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod HogWarp two characters mixing potions

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod HogWarp two characters mixing potions

Avalanche’s Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy is a dream come true for Wizarding World fans, but it lacks one key feature: multiplayer. Thanks to the power of PC modding, Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer is actually possible.

Created by the team behind Skyrim co-op mod Skyrim Together, a new Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is in development. Dubbed HogWarp, the new mod will allow anyone to explore the wizarding game with a friend.

In a video on YouTube, the modding team showed off an early prototype of HogWarp. The video shows two characters simply walking around each other in the Hogwarts foyer. However, there are a number of issues.

For example, it appears that the two players are set in two different times of day. Additionally, one player suffers from periods of very low performance causing the game to slow to a crawl.

In order to play the very early version of Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer, you’ll have to subscribe to the team’s Patreon. For just over $10 a month, you’ll get access to the early version of the mod as well as updated versions. If you really want to play the new Harry Potter game with a friend, it’s worth it.

Hogwarts Legacy may have only just launched, but the game already has an active modding community. In the past few days, mods have released that replace wands with guns, replace brooms with Shrek and much more.

With the mod community exploding after mere days, Hogwarts Legacy mods are set to be incredibly popular. Modders have already found the game magnificently easy to modify, meaning this will likely become one of the most modded games in recent years. Move over, Cyberpunk!

Hogwarts Legacy’s multiplayer mod will only be playable on the game’s PC version. Unless an official co-op update arrives in the future, co-op will likely never come to the game’s console version. 

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