Hogwarts Legacy delayed even further for PS4 and Xbox One

hogwarts legacy delayed even further for ps4 and xbox one
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed yet again for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fans have been curious about the last-gen version of this title and now they have to wait even longer for the game to come out.

The game’s official Twitter account confirmed that the last-gen version of this Harry Potter game will now be coming out on May for PS4 and Xbox One. Both versions of the game were supposed to come out sometime in April but the last-gen title will now be coming out in May.

“We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the response to Hogwarts Legacy from fans around the globe,” says the tweet. “The team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience on all platforms and we need more time to do this. Hogwarts Legacy will launch for PS4 and Xbox One May 5, 2023.”

No new release date was given for the Switch, so it could still be released in July. While that’s still a long way away, the fact that its date hasn’t changed should give fans some hope for its eventual release on the handheld.

Delaying the last-gen version of this title will be disappointing to many since PS4 and Xbox One players really want to get their hands on the game. Still, a longer production time should lead to a quality game release, which is all we can ask for. Nobody wants to have a rushed version of the title filled with bugs.

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the best-selling games of 2023 and it hasn’t even come out on last-gen systems yet. The fact that it’s already selling this well on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series says a lot about the franchise’s popularity. We assume that the title will continue to sell well once it’s on last-gen systems.

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Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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