Dimitri Vegas is the new Elusive Target in Hitman: World of Assassination

Hitman World of Assassination: elusive target man stands at a DJ deck with red lights behind him.
Credit: IO Interactive

Hitman World of Assassination: elusive target man stands at a DJ deck with red lights behind him.
Credit: IO Interactive

The latest Elusive Target for Hitman: World of Assassination has been revealed. To many fans' excitement, the target is being voiced by Dimitri Vegas; a Belgian-Greek DJ from the DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Hitman: World of Assassination's latest Elusive Target will see you hunt down Alexios Laskaridis, codenamed "The Drop", a techno DJ-turned-drug kingpin. As Agent 47, you'll be hunting him down on the Berlin map of Club Hölle.

Dimitri Vegas is one of the most popular and highly-regarded house DJs in the world, boasting collaborations with artists such as David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, and Paris Hilton. Now, Vegas can add an appearance in Hitman to his extensive list of awards and successes.

Hitman World of Assassination: elusive target stands on a balcony over a dancefloor and DJ booth.
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Credit: IO Interactive

Elusive Targets in Hitman: World of Assassination are one of the most unique mechanics in the game. For a limited time period, a unique mission is available for players to attempt only once, competing to get the highest score on the global leaderboard. Previous Elusive Targets in Hitman have included Sean Bean (as Mark Faba) and Gary Busey (as himself).

It's been some time since a new Elusive Target has made its way to Hitman: World of Assassination. Previously, we've only seen repeated or legacy Elusive Targets since November 2021, so it's positive to see IO Interactive still working on new content for their stealth masterpiece.

The map chosen for this Elusive Target, Berlin, is one of the most iconic maps in Hitman: World of Assassination, due to its incredibly unique level design. Usually, when you play the Berlin mission, roles are reversed as you attempt to escape a task force of ICA agents who are hunting you down.

Additionally, this Elusive Target is also notable as the first one since the release of Hitman III to give players an in-game reward; completing The Drop will reward you with an outfit called "The Greek Fire Suit". This outfit sees 47 don a half-buttoned black shirt and black trousers, based on Alexios Laskaridis' outfit.

The Drop Elusive Target is out now, available for free to all players of Hitman: World of Assassination across all platforms. If you want to get a full preview of the next Elusive Target, we've got The Drop's launch trailer available down below.

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