Hisense 110-inch MiniLED TV boasts huge 10000 nit brightness

The new Hisense 10,000 nit TV

The new Hisense 10,000 nit TV

Hisense is back again pushing the boundaries of TV technology by teasing us with a 110-inch miniLED LCD TV with 40,000 backlight zones and 10,000 nits peak brightness. While a bit of a mouthful, these initial specs are insanely impressive, also making it Hisense’s most advanced miniLED TV to date.

This tech is the next step in Hisense’s development combining a miniLED zone-dimming backlight with an LCD panel. Utilising 24V high-output miniLEDs, it boasts 95% of the BT.2020 color space which is pretty impressive stuff all round.

When compared to miniLED LCD TVs that are on the market currently, that 10,000 nits of peak brightness this new iteration will offer is over two times that of the higher specced miniLED models. Throwing OLEDs into the mix, it’s even more remarkable, potentially being five times as bright.

One aspect we’re still in the dark on sadly is the resolution. We’re pretty sure that an 8k panel will be on offer here but there’s always a chance that the new tech doesn’t gel with this resolution and instead, we’ll have to settle for 4k for now.

When can you learn more and even get your hands on this? Well, technically, it hasn’t even had a full reveal yet with Hisense saving its introduction for CES 2024. This is a bit of a trend from the company who did a similar showcase of its 110-inch 8k ULED X screen at last year’s show.

This panel though does seem to be an evolution somewhat of that first screen, basically improving on it in all aspects. So, because of this, we can’t wait to see it in its final form come the event in January, and even get a concrete release date, hopefully not getting upset with the price in the process.

Regardless of the price though, it is set to beat out similar competition such as Samsung or Sony who’s current 98 inch line-up just isn’t comparable at this time. Let’s see if they’re able to up their game before 2024 is out.

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