Helldivers 2 Removing Access for Some Players Due to Absurd New Policy

helldivers 2 pc players psn account
Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

helldivers 2 pc players psn account
Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios


  • Helldivers 2 is forcing PC players to make a PSN account just to play
  • Arrowhead claims this is for enhanced protection that PlayStation can provide
  • Fans are furious about the news

Helldivers 2 is forcing players to make a PlayStation account just to play it, even for those who are playing on PC. The announcement hasn’t been received well, with many fans not wanting to make a new account just to continue playing this multiplayer shooter.

On the game’s official blog, developer Arrowhead Game Studios confirmed that PC players will need to make a PSN account to continue playing. Apparently, these accounts were supposed to be mandatory at launch, but a bug prevented them from making this happen.

The devs at Helldivers 2 are trying to claim that a PlayStation account is needed, since Sony’s protection will supposedly help players. In reality, it feels like a minor inconvenience done so that PlayStation can have big numbers to talk about down the line.

Naturally, fans of the game on PC are pretty angry about this, with many of these players not even owning a PlayStation system, finding this useless. Other players have also dedicated a ton of time to the game without logging in to PlayStation, so adding that now is just going to be really annoying.

Furthermore, some Helldivers 2 players won’t be able to make PlayStation accounts, depending on what area of the world they are. While it’s easy enough to make a PlayStation account for a different country, systems like Steam detect which country you’re actually in unless you’re using a VPN. In the end, the need for a PlayStation account could actually lead to players not being able to play the game anymore.

It’s unfortunate to see a game like this force players into lame account creation, since most gamers see this as their Game of the Year. The multiplayer shooter has proven to be a huge success on PC and PS5, which is why releasing it on both systems right away was a smart decision.

Helldivers 2 is available now on PS5 and PC. For more on the multiplayer shooter, check out how to get the game’s mechs and what its best settings on PC are.

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