Harry Potter TV reboot already in the works at Warner Bros and HBO

An image of Harry Potter holding his wand as magical wind surrounds him

An image of Harry Potter holding his wand as magical wind surrounds him

Following the rampant success of Hogwarts Legacy and the failures of Fantastic Beasts, Warner Bros is looking to revive the Wizarding World with a Harry Potter TV reboot.

Warner Bros and HBO are reportedly looking to reboot the original seven-book story of Harry Potter for modern audiences. Instead of adapting the beloved children’s book into movies, the new Potter reboot will be turned into a seven-season TV series.

According to Bloomberg, Warner Bros is nearing a deal to adapt the franchise into a new TV show for its streaming service. Reportedly, WB CEO David Zaslav and HBO’s Casey Bloys are convincing controversial author J.K. Rowling to allow the production of the new series.

Bloomberg states that the Harry Potter TV reboot will still have heavy involvement from Rowling. The author will not be on-board as a showrunner, but will oversee the series to make sure it is loyal to the source material, much like she did for the original movies.

Warner Bros is allegedly looking to further expand the Wizarding World following the end of the Fantastic Beasts series. Since the release of the final Harry Potter movie in 2011, the franchise has struggled to create any long-lasting follow-ups. Both Fantastic Beasts and the stage play The Cursed Child were far from the level of quality fans expected.

Fans of the original series of movies have already expressed disappointment in the decision to reboot the franchise. While it has been over ten years since the final Harry Potter entry, the original movies consisted of an iconic, irreplaceable cast. While there is space to remake the franchise in the future, it feels far too soon.

Amongst the backlash, many fans explained that they would rather have original stories made in the franchise. For example, a series based on the Marauders or a story about the founding of Hogwarts.

Furthermore, many expressed disinterest in a new project that has involvement from J.K. Rowling. Following the author’s history of transphobia and bigotry, her popularity has plummeted, along with her profits. A recent report revealed that Rowling’s profits have dropped by 74% following her political outbursts.

There is no planned release date for the upcoming Harry Potter TV reboot.

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