GTA V Titan Submersible mod is the most dangerous way to explore Los Santos

The GTA V Titan Submersible mod on the Los Santos airport strip next to an image of Trevor Phillips

The GTA V Titan Submersible mod on the Los Santos airport strip next to an image of Trevor Phillips

The Oceangate Titan Submersible designed to visit the wreckage of the HMS Titanic sadly took the lives of five passengers. However, a GTA V Titan Submersible mod now allows gamers to embark on their own dangerous voyage.

Created by SkylineGTRFreak, the same modder that created a Chinese Spy Balloon mod, the GTA V Titan Submersible mod is available to download on the GTA 5 Mods website.

The virtual version of the submersible craft has a fully functioning hatch, allowing players to enter the vehicle before sending it to the depths of the Los Santos ocean. Due to the way that submarine vehicles work in the open world game, only one player can enter at a time.

Obviously, exploring the depths of the sea is a very dark experience. As such, the modder has included a fully functioning lights system that allows you to light up the seas to properly explore. Well, until the craft implodes on itself and you get “wasted”.


GTA V players have rushed to download the new submersible mod, mostly due to the sheer messed-up nature of recreating a vehicle that has resulted in the deaths of five passengers. Nevertheless, the mod still has hundreds of downloads for a decade-old game.

“You are so F’d up for this,” one commenter said. “I love you lmao.” Another commenter said: “Y’all are too damn quick for this.”

Fans who have already tested the vehicle under the Los Santos sea have noticed that it can’t handle the maximum depth available in the video game. Those who take the GTA V Titan Submersible down as deep as the game allows will instantly be killed by an implosion. Of course, the real world version of the vehicle could handle much deeper depths than the GTA V version.

The internet is still obsessed with Oceangate’s Titan Submersible, from its knock-off video game controller to the fact that only Valve Founder Gabe Newell has a submersible that can find the missing craft.

The craft’s poor construction and glaring shortcomings may be easy to make fun of, but the lives lost are still human lives. May they rest in peace.

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