Elon Musk seemingly restricting GTA 6 trailer on Twitter

GTA 6 model posing on a rooftop, obstructed by Elon Musk looking aggravated in the foreground
Credit: Rockstar Games // pngimg

Despite years of anticipation, Twitter users are claiming that the first-ever GTA 6 trailer is being restricted on the platform. Many suspect Elon Musk of purposeful meddling, with theories being shared in popular threads.

Accusations of a 'shadow ban' are flying, with a post by Alejandra Caraballo compiling a few suspicious screenshots. "Twitter is limiting the reach of Rockstar Games' GTA VI trailer post with the YouTube link", she claims. "While you can view it directly, you can't see it if you're viewing a reply. It seems to be retaliation for not posting the trailer video on Twitter."

Similar claims were made by @videotechuk_ who shared screenshots in another thread. When viewing a reply to Rockstar Games' tweet (a common practice for seeing its individual replies), the original post is totally hidden with a 'post is unavailable' message displayed instead. It's an error message often reserved for posts that have been deleted or made by a blocked account.

Many are pointing fingers directly at Elon Musk, Twitter's current CEO, who recently provided another eye-rolling quote that implies a distaste for the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole. "[I]tried [to play GTA 5], but didn't like doing crime. [The game] required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn't do it."

Other users are suspicious of the company's managing director, Linda Yaccarino. She recently directed a post of her own at Rockstar Games, saying "Gaming is one of our most popular topics. Drop that trailer here - give the people of X what they want!". Many found this tone-deaf, as the platform hosted and spread a leaked version of the trailer to many Rockstar developers' annoyance.

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Despite the platform's apparent best efforts, it doesn't seem like GTA 6's momentum has been impacted. At time of writing, the trailer has accumulated 78 million YouTube views and over eight million likes.

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