Gray Zone Warfare Offers PvE Mode that's $200 Cheaper than Escape from Tarkov

Solider in Gray Zone Warfare holding an assault rifle and wearing sunglasses
Credit: MADFINGER Games

Solider in Gray Zone Warfare holding an assault rifle and wearing sunglasses
Credit: MADFINGER Games


  • Gray Zone Warfare, a hardcore FPS from MADFINGER Games, is delivering a PvE mode at launch
  • Notably, accessing the mode is only $34.99, compared to Battlestate Games' asking price of $250
  • Gray Zone will launch later today, April 30, on Steam in Early Access. There's also the PvPvE mode too

Gray Zone Warfare is coming at the right time. The indie hardcore FPS from MADFINGER Games is an underdog against the mighty Escape from Tarkov, an extraction shooter that has been making waves - some good, some really bad - for almost seven years now. However, MADFINGER's debut is offering one thing that EFT lacks - PvE.

More specifically, it's offering the mode for a lot cheaper than Battlestate Games' upcoming mode for Tarkov. Recently, Battlestate Games has called out EFT 'copies' after some drama, due to the fact that the company has released a new $250 edition of the game that includes PvE. Worst of all? Players who bought the $100+ EOD edition, which offered "all DLC" within the bundle, miss out on the PvE mode.

But, with the Gray Zone Warfare release date opening up early access later today, April 30, 2024, MADFINGER Games are offering the expensive PvE mode for a lot cheaper than Escape from Tarkov. In fact, the mode arrives alongside launch, meaning you only need to spend $34.99, making it over $200 cheaper than Battlestate Games' ridiculous offer.

For those wanting the standard Escape from Tarkov experience within Gray Zone, then you're in luck. There's the standard PvPvE mode, which will pit you and a squad of friendlies against plenty of enemies on a large, open map. MADFINGER Games also promises that there's over 1000 AI enemies too, so you'll have to get into plenty of firefights during matches.

Obviously, Gray Zone Warfare has a lot of development to do before it can take Escape from Tarkov's throne. The latter has over seven years of community building, but considering the fact that Battlestate Games' has ruined a lot of goodwill just last week, Gray Zone's launch this week is seemingly perfect.

Of course, there's also the fact that Gray Zone Warfare needs to be good, first and foremost. It's all good releasing at the right time, and on Steam as an additional bonus, but if it doesn't play well, people will fall off the game. Interestingly, there's also the Arena Breakout Infinite closed beta in early May, which will give you another extraction shooter to enjoy. Despite being one of the best iOS games first with Arena Breakout, the Infinite subtitle seems to imply big changes for the PC version of the game.

Hopefully, Gray Zone Warfare's release can put some pressure on Escape from Tarkov to offer better value for existing and new players, but something tells me that MADFINGER Games' debut title needs to make a huge splash before Battlestate Games changes its behaviour.

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