Gotham Knights players want AI companions for offline single-player

gotham-knights-players-ai-companions-offline-single-player The bat family in Gotham Knights as an ensemble

It’s safe to say that Gotham Knights is something of a disappointment, offering live-service single-player and co-op multiplayer without much pizzazz. While there are fans who enjoy the game for what it is they still have complaints, like not having AI companions for single-player.

Considering how the game’s story emphasizes the teamwork between Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin, having AI companions in the campaign would help strictly solo players. Sure, one could argue that’s what the online multiplayer is for, but there are players that prefer to play without others.

Fans might not have to wait too long for this since Gotham Knights is a live-service game, but we’ll have to wait and see. The game is getting a new multiplayer mode called Heroic Assault later this month, but will that address this key issue?

Players were able to vent about not having AI companions on the game’s Subreddit. Fans of the title feel that AI partners would make the single-player more gratifying. On the other hand, contractors argued that they could mess up stealth missions or make them too easy.

“Agreed. I was hoping to have an AI teammate to go along with me as I played the game,” says nightwing612.

“They really should’ve done this to make it make more sense. Why would only one person go out patrolling,” chimes in Darthpuppy2008.

Not to kick a mediocre game while it's down but the flawed Marvel’s Avengers game has this feature already. Granted, Gotham Knights seems to be a better game than Avengers simply due to the variety of missions, but there’s no denying that the DC liveservice game can use this feature.

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Gotham Knights is now available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. More updates for the game are coming, supposedly adding more stories for players to partake in.

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