Gotham star Ben McKenzie slams Matt Damon and more for supporting crypto

The cryptocurrency craze is reaching heights never thought possible when Bitcoin launched in 2009. Not only has the flagship currency Bitcoin skyrocketed in value by tens of thousands, but there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies out there. However, amid it all, Gotham actor Ben McKenzie is fighting against the rise of e-currency.

Gotham actor fights against actors promoting crypto

Reported by CNN, actor Ben McKenzie is unhappy with the number of celebrities promoting cryptocurrency. Best known for his work on shows such as Gotham and The O.C., McKenzie has now shifted to become a famous crypto critic.

McKenzie has previously blasted high-profile celebrities for taking payment to promote cryptocurrency. For example, Matt Damon, previously a spokesperson for the dangers of climate change, is now one of the biggest faces of cryptocurrency.

Damon isn't alone in this. Many celebrities are promoting the highly profitable, extremely resource hungry e-currency. This includes Kim Kardashian, Grimes, Tom Brady and even Lil Nas X, the latter launching the “first TikTok NFT”.

When asked about the dangers of cryptocurrency, McKenzie told CNN:

“Because you're dealing in a largely unregulated market, there's vast potential for manipulation. [Celebrities] are effectively endorsing a financial instrument that's unregulated. If that unregulated investment vehicle happens to be a fraud or a scam, you are now scamming your own followers. That should not sit well with you.”

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The Kim Kardashian Problem

One of the Gotham star’s biggest targets is reality TV personality Kim Kardashian. The celebrity infamously used her Instagram account to promote Ethereum Max. After Kardashian urged her followers to invest, the coin’s value plummeted with many believing it to be a pump and dump scheme.

McKenzie believes that the ballooning crypto bubble is the “biggest fraud since Burnie Madoff”. The actor believes that a crash will be coming and, just like with most financial crashes, the people that will be affected will be the general public. Meanwhile, the banks will be paid out by the government.

McKenzie aims to continue acting. However, the Gotham actor’s crusade against cryptocurrency will be a key focus of his career.

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