Google self-driving cars keep getting trapped on the same street

The artificial intelligence systems driving self-driving cars are far from perfect. On one hand, Tesla’s systems get distracted by the moon and swerve towards pedestrians. On the other hand, Google's alternative finds itself perplexed by a single street in San Francisco.

Google's Waymo self-driving cars have been bested by one road

Reported by Futurism, the Google-owned Autopilot project Waymo is battling a very surviving problem. A usually so-silent-its-creepy street in San Francisco has become a hot spot for trapping cars controlled by computers.

15th Avenue in San Francisco’s Richmond District has seen a large collection of cars that just won't move. For some reason, Google's autopilot software takes cars down to the street’s dead end and then keeps them there.

The glitched system knows that it hasn't reached its destination, but it won't move forward and it won't turn around. Instead, cars will simply stare at the end of the street until a human driver decides to drive out of the street.

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Why are cars getting stuck on 15th Avenue?

Honestly, no one has any idea why cars are drawn to this exact street, but the incidents are not isolated. Multiple cars have been found trapped on the street at the same time, constantly, for the past few weeks.

A local resident explained that there’s now always cars on the once-silent street. They said:

“There are some days where it can be up to 50. It’s literally every five minutes. And we’re all working from home, so this is what we hear.”

At the time of writing, cars are still making their way to the street, and they're still getting trapped.

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