Google reportedly admits Google Assistant records you without you knowing

We all know that Smart Assistants are always listening, as creepy as that is. However, for Google Assistant devices, certain devices may also be constantly recording information for employees to listen to.

Are Google Assistant devices always recording?

In a report by IndiaToday, Google has allegedly revealed that they are always recording users with Smart Assistants. During a deposition with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology, Google reportedly admitted to recording private conversations.

The meeting between the PSAIT and Google was based on India's push to safeguard citizens' rights amid rapidly growing technology. In the meeting, Google allegedly explained that company employees listen to private recordings captured by Google Assistant devices.

Sources state Google allegedly admitted to listening to conversations where the virtual assistant wasn't asked to intervene. This would mean private conversations may given to Google without the Assistant being activated. Reportedly, Google has not clarified how it differentiates between sensitive information.

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Google responds... sorta

In a statement to Android Authority, Google refused to discuss the events of the hearing. The company also refused to comment on stories from “unnamed sources", even from a reputable site. They wrote:

“Since this was a closed-door hearing, we can’t comment on stories based on unnamed sources but I am sharing all the details that can help you understand how Assistant works, and this should clarify any doubts that you may have.”

Google then directed the outlet to their standard safety page. The page explains that the Google Assistant recordings “can include a few seconds before you activate your Assistant to catch your request.”

Ultimately, Google dodged the questions asked by IndiaToday's article.

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