Google Pixel 9 Pro leaks show a major design overhaul

google pixel 9 pro leaks reveal a major design overhaul
Credit: MySmartPrice and @OnLeaks

google pixel 9 pro leaks reveal a major design overhaul
Credit: MySmartPrice and @OnLeaks

Fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro and whatever new features might get added to the cellphone. While Google has yet to announce the latest version of its long-running phone models, some leaks may have given us an idea of what it will look like.

Shown off by MySmartPrice, these new renders suggest that a massive overhaul is coming to the Google Pixel series and maybe even modern smartphones. Based on the specs shown, the Google Pixel 9 Pro will have a 6.5-inch display, a flat frame, and triple rear cameras that will make taking pictures better.

Interesting changes made include having the power button and volume buttons on one side and leaving the other one completely blank. The SIM card tray is also next to the USB-C port, which has become a standard for modern cell phones these days. Other details are still unknown, so fans will have to wait for an official reveal before figuring out what’s next.

While the design looks promising, there still aren’t too many details that will get cellphone users too excited, though nothing looks terrible. Having multiple cameras for taking pictures is unique and could even inspire others to start taking phone photography seriously.

Google is a pretty powerful brand but only time will tell if this new iteration will be enough to challenge Apple or Android. Even if it doesn’t, the fact that this is the Google Pixel 9 Pro will get tech fans excited about a new phone and whatever features end up making it to the final product.

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At the time of writing, no release date for the Google Pixel 9 Pro has been revealed, though many are assuming that it will be released in nine months. This is simply based on the previous releases for Google Pixel phones, so this isn’t final. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if these new phones end up coming out near the end of this year.

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