Google Gemini AI infiltrates your text messages to spice up your naff conversations

Stephen Universe, Luigi and Alexander Hamilton looking in disgust at their mobile smartphones

Stephen Universe, Luigi and Alexander Hamilton looking in disgust at their mobile smartphones

If you don’t have the “rizz” — or whatever The Youth say — to talk to someone without sounding like a drooling C3PO, Google Gemini AI will now be a part of your text message experience to spruce up the duller moments in life.

For those who still use Google Messages on Android instead of literally any other messaging app, the artificial intelligence chatbot will soon be a built-in part of the texting experience. Well, if Google doesn’t kill it in, like, three years time.

Google Gemini AI in Google Messages will be able to draft responses, create event plans and all the other AI chatbot gubbins you’re too lazy to do yourself? Want to ask a date to watch Dune: Part 2 but you’re afraid you’ll slip out your concerning attraction to the AMC popcorn bucket? Google Gemini shouldn’t do that.

With Google Gemini, formerly Bard, replacing Google Assistant, you can even ask your virtual helper to write messages for you. If you have a subscription to Gemini Advanced like some kind of chump, you’ll even be able to get it write up a Google Doc or create a Google Slide presentation.

One useful feature of Google Gemini in Google Messages is its ability to rewrite your messages. For example, if you want to rant at your boss for being subhuman, Google Bard can make that sound more professional, and even remove the cursing and threats of bodily harm. On the other hand, if you’re really dull and don’t have any personality, you can ask Google Gemini to write you some pickup lines or even tell a funny joke. How sad.

With Microsoft CoPilot now integrated into Windows 11 and Samsung Galaxy AI trouncing over the rotting remains of the always-useless Bixby, Google Gemini continues the industry trend of implementing machine learning chatbots into absolutely everything. What’s next, an AI gaming monitor that chats for you? Oh, for God’s sake.

Google Gemini for Google Messages will launch in beta for English speakers only later this year.

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