Awful Gollum game devs given second chance at Lord of the Rings

gollum devs making another lord of the rings game
Credit: Daedelic Entertainment

gollum devs making another lord of the rings game
Credit: Daedelic Entertainment

Daedelic Entertainment is working on a new Lord of the Rings game, despite the utter failure of their Gollum video game. After creating the internet’s latest punching bag, the company has been given a second chance at getting The Lord of the Rings right.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany (via IGN) revealed that Daedelic is working on another game in this franchise codenamed “It's Magic”. Not a lot of details on this secret title have been revealed, though it will supposedly be a 3D adventure game filled with creatures and magic.

It was also stated that this game would be told from the eyes of someone whose story has never been told before. While this could easily be a new Lord of the Rings character, it could also be a minor character from the books or movies.

Since we did get a game based on Gollum, of all people, this could easily be about Pippin or Boromir. Hey, maybe a game surrounding Tom Bombadil would be a fun addition to the franchise.

Immediately after the failure of Gollum, it seems unwise to let Daedelic make another game in this franchise. Then again, it was announced that multiple Lord of the Rings games are being made following a huge IP deal, so maybe quality isn’t a concern for the publisher.

For the sake of fairness, Daedelic Entertainment did release a statement about the Gollum game, apoligizing for its current state. Apparently, the title will be updated to make sure that it’s something of quality but it might be too late.

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While we can’t say Gollum ruined the reputation of Lord of the Rings, it did stop a decent run of games from this franchise. Prior to this, we had the Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games, which were fairly decent games. Although the second game was criticized for its microtransactions, they were eventually removed and the title became a lot better.

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