Godzilla MonsterVerse boxset accused of using lazy AI art

Godzilla and Kong running towards the camera in Godzilla x Kong The New Empire trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.

Godzilla and Kong running towards the camera in Godzilla x Kong The New Empire trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.


  • Warner Bros. has announced pre-orders for the Godzilla x Kong MonsterVerse box set that retails at almost $110
  • According to Twitter user Tyler Stone, the artwork uses AI generation or AI-assisted tools to adjust the design
  • The cheaper DVD box set appears to be normal art, but it's disappointing to see the premium option use AI, if true

Godzilla has fought plenty of monstrous enemies, but one thing that the kaiju hasn't started a fight against is a dystopia. With Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire taking over cinemas right now, Warner Bros. has opened pre-orders for a MonsterVerse 5-film box set, but it appears to have been changed or created by AI.

There's plenty of tools that could be used as the best AI image generators, from Midjourney, to ChatGPT, all the way to Copilot Pro (which recently found itself under scrutiny due to Copilot generating harmful images). It's safe to say that there's plenty of image generators out there, but people can still spot AI-generated art with a keen eye.

That's what Tyler Stone on Twitter did with the aforementioned MonsterVerse box set. In a tweet shared by Stone, he found himself "intrigued by this upcoming Monsterverse boxset", before believing it was "either AI-generated, or has at least gone through a generative AI filter".

In the tweet, Stone shared an image of the product itself, as well as three zoomed-in images of various parts of the box set. He added circles to locations of interest, while adding some details on why he believes that the art is generated, or adjusted with AI. You can find the tweet and the associated images below.

The listing, which can be found on Amazon for almost $110, showcases the same product image that Stone shared to his Twitter feed. The DVD version of the box set appears to be fine, but the clues in the expensive, and premium 4K version are fairly telling.

Considering the price of this box set, I'd much prefer to spend a lot of money on some official artwork - even if using AI tools on a cheaper box set is still bad. Especially considering many of the individual movies are available in 4K for a lot cheaper.

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