Ghost of Tsushima PC's release date finally revealed by PlayStation

Jin Sakai holding his Ghost of Tsushima mask in key art for the game
Credit: PlayStation

Jin Sakai holding his Ghost of Tsushima mask in key art for the game
Credit: PlayStation

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As part of PlayStation's big push to release some console-exclusive titles on PC, many have been waiting to witness Jin Sakai's adventure in Ghost of Tsushima via Steam and Epic Games Store. However, it's been a long and agonising wait. Fortunately, that wait will be over soon.

While the Horizon Forbidden West port was only recently revealed, with the Forbidden West release date hitting PC storefronts in a few weeks, PlayStation is already moving forward with its next port. For those who have been waiting for Ghost of Tsushima to make its way onto PC, your wait is finally over, with the game arriving on Steam on May 16, 2024.

As announced by PlayStation's various social media feeds, Ghost of Tsushima's PC version is the full Director's Cut of the game, which includes the main story, the Iki Island expansion, and thankfully, the surprisingly decent co-operative mode called Legends. Much like the Horizon Forbidden West port, Ghost of Tsushima features ultrawide support (for the best ultrawide monitors, of course), upscaling support for tech like DLSS and FSR, and various graphics settings alongside an unlocked framerate.

For those unaware of the hype around Sucker Punch's latest IP, Ghost of Tsushima gives you an open-world set on the island of Tsushima during a Mongol invasion, which forces Samurai Jin Sakai to dishonour his lineage in order to protect the island's inhabitants, save his uncle, and risk his life and the Samurai code for the survival of Japan.

On our sister site, we gave the Director's Cut of the game a 4.5/5 in our review of the game on PS5, stating "If you've been looking for more Jin Sakai in your life, then the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut will happily fulfil that request. After a year of post-launch support, Iki Island feels like a fresh checklist of content to tick off."

The game is available to pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store now, and pre-ordering will grant you some early unlocks for Jin's adventure, including the New Game+ horse, Traveler's Attire, and some Broken Armor dies from Baku's Shop.

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