Get killed by Pokémon in this new Elden Ring mod

get killed by pokemon in this new elden ring mod coraidon looks at its human companion
Credit: Arestame_Arkeid

get killed by pokemon in this new elden ring mod coraidon looks at its human companion
Credit: Arestame_Arkeid

Elden Ring is a great game but it would be even better if the Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet were the bosses. Thankfully, a hard-working modder has heard this request, so players can now get stabbed by some of their favorite pocket monsters.

All jokes aside, this is a pretty fun mod that not only adds Pokémon as enemies and bosses but also has various easter eggs. It’s clear that plenty of thought was put into this mod, making it perfect for fans who loved these games or were disappointed with them.

So, if you thought Pokémon Legends: Arceus didn’t go hard enough with these creatures kicking human butt, this Elden Ring mod is for you. Now, players can actually fight back with weapons, instead of just catching them with their Pokéballs or knocking them out with their own Pokémon.

Twitter user Arestame showed off their Elden Ring mod on the platform, showing some of the Scarlet and Violet Pokémon killing players. Seeing adorable critters like Lechonk chasing players down is a humorous sight and one that any Pokémon fan can have fun with.

It’s not just Meowscarada stabbing players on sight, thankfully, as Coraidon will now be your ride, replacing Torrent as your steed. Funnily enough, this mod only has Coraidon, making it more Scarlet-focused than Violet. Then again, Coraidon moves with his feet, which probably made modding Torrent a faster process.

Overall, it’s a very fun-looking Elden Ring mod and one that should please many a Pokémon fan. This should definitely tide fans over after they’ve beaten Scarlet and Violet on their Switch (or on their PC via Switch emulation).

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Fans will be able to enjoy this Elden Ring mod on their PC, assuming that it’s powerful enough. Nintendo Switch fans that want to get killed by Pokémon should consider picking up Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where a red-eyed Snorlax can beat you up.

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