Gears of War creator is working on a ‘hip hop’ game a lá 50 Cent

Gears of War character Marcus Fenix next to Hip Hop star 50 Cent

Gears of War character Marcus Fenix next to Hip Hop star 50 Cent

Cliff Bleszinski, the infamous creator of Xbox’s Gears of War, is returning to video games yet again. This time, instead of working on a hero shooter like Lawbreakers, the iconic game designer is making a game inspired by the underrated 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

On Twitter, Bleszinski told fans that he thinks “in hindsight, 50 Cent's Blood On The Sand was a pretty solid game.” Afterwards, the game designer revealed that he is working on a new game in a similar vein.

While Bleszinski may not be in a creative director role for upcoming games, the Gears of War creator will be consulting on games with hip hop artists looking to develop similar titles to 50 Cent’s underrated Xbox 360 game.

“I played it when it came out,” the game designer said. “Might be doing some consulting with some hip hop stars on games soon so it reminded me of it.”

Released in 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, Blood on the Sand was the second 50 Cent game to be released. The game follows 50 Cent and G-Unit in the Middle East as they attempt to keep possession of a supernatural diamond-encrusted human skull. It’s as whacky as it sounds, and it is a tonne of fun.

In the 2000s, games based on Hip Hop stars were more commonplace. Alongside 50 Cent’s games, titles such as Def Jam: Icon and Wu-Tan Shaolin Style were cult classics at the time of release.

It’s not known which Hip Hop stars the Gears of War creator is in discussions with. Following the star’s success in Fortnite, could we see a AAA video game based on Travis Scott? Only time will tell.

Cliff Bleszinski has not released a video game since 2018’s unsuccessful free-to-play Fortnite clone Radical Heights. Since then, the game designer has released his memoir - Control Freak: My Epic Adventure Making Video Games. Bleszinski has also released the first issue of his comic book series Scrapper.

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